More Photos

My big vivarium at home. You can also see Evan sitting on the side observing the “river”:

This is my paludarium. It is very comforting to observe and interact with this miniature Eden, and I’m very pleased with the water feature. Sometimes Evan will hang out below the edge, lurking for bugs. Water is important for frogs. They need constant access to a small pool of dechlorinated water, since they absorb water through their skin. They start their lives as fish, after all, and they are very watery creatures. You don’t need a fancy water feature like this, though. A small dish will be fine, as long as the water is changed frequently.

New paludarium for Durant Nature Center

I love this photo because you can really see his toe pads. Also: head tilt!
A few of them are so socialized they look straight at you most of the time.
I wish I knew what he was thinking.
Learn about how even clean hands can hurt frogs before picking them up — but little Arthur is so cute, I know it’s tempting!
This is Horace. He’s a very content chap.
Desk frog is not something to do often. But so cute! He’s so tiny!
They change color, sometimes dramatically.
What? Brown?!? Evan is pretty talented.

Here is a video of my largest vivarium. Nobody has to make a water feature if you don’t want to! I had fun making it: