Tiny charming frogs need a good home.

Awesome video about caring for gray tree frogs.

Five Fascinating Frog Fun Facts about Gray Tree Frogs!

These little gray tree frogs need a new home! Peter (as in Parker), Evan, and Johann (not pictured: Shy Petunia, Arthur, Bruce, and Robert) are very socialized and have been with humans their whole lives. Evan, the oldest one, is staying with me, but I really only need one frog.

These are 100% pets who expect tiny flies to fall from the sky directly into their mouths, and who think human shirts (or hair) equal safety. Although the species is native to North America, they should not be released into the wild.

More about adopting them is here.

They need to be picked up in Chapel Hill, and they need a nice big leafy terrarium to keep them safe and happy. Please contact me at tinygrayfrogs@nestlery.com for more information.