How to Adopt

If you might be interested in adopting a frog or frogs, and can come pick them up in Chapel Hill, please send me a message at telling me how you’ll take care of them. See the resources here on frog care for information. In your message, you can mention:

Housing: You’re going to need a spacious glass terrarium/vivarium for them.

Food: a plan for how to get food for them. Currently they eat hydei fruit flies and very small crickets (they need food that’s no bigger than the distance between their eyes). Plus mineral powder!

Hydration: Do you already know what’s needed to keep them moist?

Health: Do you already know how to pick them up? Bonus if you learn what amphibian Ringer’s solution is.

Enrichment: How will you make sure their lives are comfortable and that they feel safe and not bored? (hint: lots of plants and space to chase their food)

I haven’t met you yet, even though I’m sure you’re awesome! For many people, frogs are a new kind of pet with new kinds of needs. I just want to make sure these guys have happy, safe lives. I’m sure you want to do that too!

I am asking adopters to make a donation to either the NC Herpetological Society or NC Zoo’s Frog Conservation Programs. I’m not a member of nor direct beneficiary of either organization.

If all that sounds good, please please send me a note. I’d love to talk to you!