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There’s some handy text below, or an 8.5″x 11″ PDF flyer at right. Thank you for helping get these guys adopted!

Adorable tiny frogs need new home

Some very domesticated Cope’s gray tree frogs need a new home. They can be picked up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and I may bring some to South Euclid, OH. Asking for donations to the NC Herpetological Society or NC Zoo’s Frog Conservation Programs ($20 – $50 sliding scale) in lieu of an adoption fee.

They are super charming and funny. These are 100% pets who think jumping onto human shirts (or hair) equals safety, and who expect tiny flies to fall from the sky directly into their mouths. When you contact me, I hope you will mention how you will take care of them and feed them; basically indicate that either you have learned what you need to know or are willing to find out. I’m very happy to provide guidance, also.

More information and contact info is at, or send a message to

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